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Planet Woobies - designed for the whole family

While Woobies Planet attracts mostly women (83%, often with their young children), it is designed to be welcoming to anyone and everyone looking for quick and easy entertainment from a brand they can trust.

Why Advertise with us?

Create an integrated campaign tailored to your needs—or even customized for your specific brand requirements—to captivate our highly engaged audience in a playful and interactive environment. Get more for your money in this interactive venue, or bridge the gap between virtual and real worlds by turning your brand into in-game items. In this highly re-consumable media, our players will be exposed to your message multiple times as they play and replay, and you'll reach consumers in their most relaxed and receptive state.

Our players go beyond the traditional male gamers associated with hardcore gaming; our gaming platforms connect with children and women of all ages, who are influencers and key decision makers for many brands. Reach just the demographic that you want, and even pinpoint exactly where your ad is seen!

Why Online games?

As more and more of the world plugs in, the web is becoming key to any major (or minor) advertising campaign. Increase your return on investment in this interactive venue: for example, game advertising can reach the same number of eyeballs as a mid-sized TV network.

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